Living Room Light Exchange Publication 5

Broadsheet newspaper with postcard insert
Published 2020

Last year I was invited to be a guest designer for the Living Room Light Exchange’s annual publication. I reimagined the book (which previously was a 6x9” trade size) as a fun, slightly chaotic broadsheet newspaper, trying to capture some of the energy of the Light Exchange’s programming. Working with newsprint was also a way to bring down the cost of the publication, making it feel (and literally be) more accessible for the LRLX community.

The layout was extremely fun to create—allowing for works to be read sort of simultaneously, rather than in serial order. Since the primary focus of this publication is technology and community, I used fonts inspired by vintage computer magazines to create the look.


Praba Pilar, Carrie Hott, Maya Weeks, Tiare Ribeaux, Elisabeth Nicula, micha cárdenas

Elia Vargas
Rose Linke
Isalina Chow

The Earth is not a historical subject waiting to be activated by industrial-techno capitalist logic in “new” digital space. Yet, rare earth elements are intimately—and invisibly—entangled within daily life. The fifth annual publication of the Living Room Light Exchange is a large format broadsheet that features work by artists Praba Pilar, Carrie Hott, Maya Weeks, a unique edition rare earth element postcard designed by Tiare Ribeaux, a survey of LRLX season 6 by Elisabeth Nicula, and an introduction by micha cárdenas. Rare Earth: The Ground is Not Digital explores the conundrum of technologies “of(f) the ground” (Parikka, 2015), future natures, climate precarity, and proposes rethinking the entanglements of human activities that place a collectively inherited rare Earth at risk.
The Special Edition publication 5 includes a complete set of 24 rare earth mine postcards created by Tiare Ribeaux.

The Living Room Light Exchange (LRLX) is a monthly salon dedicated to new media art forms and dialogues that meets in rotating living rooms. In each ‘season’ of LRLX, we hold monthly salons where we curate three artists or cultural producers who present recent work. Engaged discussions and dialogue with attendees follows.

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