Mouth 2 Mouth Zine

Cover photograph by Grace Lee with illustration by Soleil Summer. Mouth 2 Mouth is a zine about food and culture created and edited by Hallie Chen.


56 page newsprint zine about food and culture, co-created with Hallie Chen
Published 2020

Grace Lee
Lindsey Adams
Renè Solomon
Maian Tran
Rachel Hwang
Dani Leone
Chinwe Okona
Adam Katz, Nicole LoBue,
David Horvitz, Audrey
Snyder,Lydia Glenn Murray
Chloe Roth
Katie Kwan
Alex Sites
Xiaowei R. Wang
Tiffany Cheng
Emily Fishman
Hallie Chen
Alec MacDonald
Casey Ramirez
Lauren Betts

carder.justin (at)